What Others Are Saying About Carmen:

I was extremely pleased with the work Ms. Thomas in conjunction with a recent board retreat.  She invested ample time in her preparation, including meetings with me to develop the agenda for the day.  Ms. Thomas has a terrific way about her as the retreat facilitator, and guided the board well through several exercises and discussions -- keeping everyone focused and on schedule.  The retreat was a tremendous success certainly due, in part, to her efforts.  

Eric Hufnagel, Executive Director, Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness 

I appreciated the preparation Carmen had done prior to the Board Retreat.  She was able to assess the ability of the individual Board members to think strategically, and was able to work sensitively with members not totally committed to our Organization’s mission.  She was able to gain the confidence of the Board members present.  As a result the members who were present were able to express a renewed commitment to their vision of what the organization could become.  We were able to develop renewed interest in our Strategic Plan, and renew optimism in expanding the “reach” of our organization in trying to reduce negative effects of homelessness in our state. 

As a result I feel we have been able to re-energize our Executive Director, as well as individual Board members, into expanding our organization’s reach into public policy advocacy, and expanding our membership.  We have been able to garner renewed interest from some key social service individuals in joining our Board.  We have been able to get more interest from our major funder—MSHDA—in increasing the amount of funds given to us to operate annually.  

Harold Mast, MICAH, Board Member

I appreciated your willingness and patience with me and helping to get me steered in the right direction as far the layout/process for the forum.  I think it was very helpful to have you present.  I think you did a great job keeping Tricia and I as well as the subgroups on task. 

We have received nothing but good feedback, so far, from the attendees.  We had one camp company and the president of the one judges association, that was there, reach out to us and commend us on the forum.  They felt it was very well ran, much needed and great discussion. 

 Patti Glenn, Competitive Cheer Coaches Association of Michigan

Carmen Thomas is a creative thinker who is resilient  and thinks outside the box. Her servants heart makes her genuine and individuals feel comfortable when discussing life issues with Carmen.

She is strategic and tactical when evaluating situations and is solution oriented when handling matters of the heart or in business settings.

This dynamic entrepreneur is a force to be reckoned with because she has real life experiences to share when ministering to and counseling others.  Her community involvement and resourcefulness makes her someone that I turn to when seeking advice or when needing a listening ear.

Lisa Young, Express Personnel Co.

Carmen has been gifted with the ability to "see." She is perceptive and can see things about businesses or people that others cannot. She can in a sense, see things that have not yet come to fruition. As a business woman, such a strength is extremely helpful, because that means so many personal factors about me will be taken into account when I receive input. I have received guidance from coaches without this and it becomes very frustrating to constantly explain who I am, how I work, and what I want, etc. Carmen makes it effortless!

Jessica Crew, Let Her Sing Women's Empowerment Events