It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. E. E. Cummings

Women Transformation Program

What you should be prepared for is: 

1.  You will discover the Barriers and Gaps that have paralyzed you from moving towards living your full maximum potential on purpose.

2.  You will perfect your authenticity from the inside out.

3. You will deliver and execute the new you for the world to see.

4.  You will begin the journey of living a complete and whole life.

5.  You will identify and execute your dreams and gifts!

6.  You will learn how to brand yourself and your business.

7.  You will receive tools for developing your business.

8.  You will receive a plethora of opportunities.

9.  You will identify your target audience.

10.  You will develop a powerful network.


To get started, I would like for you to begin journaling your dreams and ideas without any limits!  Think outside the box!  You are Empowered to be creative and innovative with an endless budget!  

Just Be U, Everyone Else Is Taken!

Testimonials from the first group of Women who completed the Session:

I am writing this with honor  , I just completed the most invigorating, motivating , spiritual and encouraging transformation workshop. It was very empowering and energizing. I met some amazing and awesome women, that I am proud to call my sisters. Carmen led this dynamic group on a journey that opened our minds, our souls and our hearts. We were truly blessed to have this creative, inspiring and patient leader help identify leadership skills that were already there, but needing a  spark to ignite. Carmen presented tools and ideas to use over a lifetime. I am excited and ready to step out and step up. Carmen is definitely a very talented and gifted woman I am so proud to call my sista! 

Sincerely and sisterly
LaVerne D Mickel

Mrs. Carmen Thomas led us through a wonderful transformation series which included well planned and effective coaching sessions. I felt like each group session helped me reposition myself in a personal and professional manner. I felt as if I was guided and realigned with sharper focus. I also believe this to be the case for the other ladies who participated in this wonderful opportunity with me. I feel empowered and able to carry out my visions and dreams. I do feel better equipped to do so because of the tools and strategies provided by Mrs. Thomas through the group and one-on-one sessions. I encourage everyone to take the time  and make the investment to experience this powerful transformation! 

Shondra L. Marshall



Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Brilliant, Be Courageous!