Family Business is Big Business

What are you doing today to create your family legacy?  

If you’re like me, I’m constantly thinking about helping my family and your family. I started my first business when I was 10 selling lemonade. My next business was babysitting at 16, after that in my 20’s I sold Shoes, Furs and believe it or not 2 Kirby Vacuum Cleaners. In my late 20’s I realized I loved Real Estate and I started my Career as a Keading Consultant, then Marketing Director, next Property Manager and I sold my first multi-million dollar property in my 30’s to Professional Basketball Player, that was my aha moment! I knew I was great at listening, marketing, empowering, training and solving problems!!! 

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Family businesses generate 62 percent of US job opportunities and create 78 percent of all new jobs...Take the time to assess the resources around your family dinner table, because you just might find your best prospects sitting there right next to you.

This statistic says it all – family business is big business. Those family businesses are a prime example that no dream or goal is out of reach. Get out there and get after it!

Daymond John