Do You Know Your “Why”?

A friend sent me a message to listen to by Seth Godin and as I listened to the message I began to think about why I do what I do everyday? 

Do you do what you do for money? 

Are you committed to what you do even when obstacles, distractions and roadblocks present themselves daily?

Do you have words of affirmations surrounding you so that when that moment of doubt creeps in you are prepared to encourage yourself to keep your eyes on “your” prize? 

Do you genuinely celebrate your sister as she rises to the occasion in her quest to pursue her gifts and passion? (If not its okay, however today let’s change that to celebrating her 4Real)

Do you find yourself in a conversation with your sister and as she’s sharing her accomplishments you are thinking inside (My turn, my accomplishments are...then you interrupt as soon as the opportunity presents itself) 

For the future let’s celebrate each other and watch your blessings begin to unfold!

So, I wake up everyday looking for the next woman, GEM to transform and show them how to identify or accelerate their gift to create legacies and recession proof systems. This is My Why! 

So if you have not purchased your tickets for the Transform U Women’s Conference, I encourage you to be one of the first to celebrate other women just like you and watch your blessings begin to overtake you just because you made a decision to become the BEST YOU!!

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I love you and look forward to celebrating you!

Carmen Thomas

Nuggets I’ve Learned when starting my Biz!

My nuggets are:

1. Invest in your own biz first, then yourself.

2. Be careful of signing up for all the resources, i.e. coaching, branding, marketing, conferences and workshops. These resources are sometimes too expensive and if they charge more than you make in one month for a 3 month membership...please make sure you pray and don’t put your finances in a burden.

3. Check the connections and experts close to you to see if they have what you need. Remember We often times look in the ocean for our needs and what you need is sitting right in your pool you swim in daily.

4. Stay in your lane!

5. Check out the fruit, character and integrity of people before you invest your time, money and resources.

6.  Stay Humble, Guard your heart and listen 4Real!!


We are in a Season of Gratefulness, Giving & Sharing our Hearts

It seems like once we enter September and Labor Day is celebrated, Fall makes a fierce entrance with a colorful field of mums, and the different shades of brown, red, yellow, orange and all the colors in between, then it’s all blown away with one large breath of wind.

Now we are preparing for Thanksgiving, but the stores try to race past Thanksgiving, and go straight into the Christmas rush, and people begin to scurry to purchase gifts without pausing to realize we moved to fast past the grateful season. So let’s seize the moment to reflect and embrace life and all the blessings, small, and large we’ve had throughout the year!

Lets finish 2018 by giving to those who are less fortunate than we are and take control of our destiny by intentionally being grateful.

I’m grateful, thankful and blessed to have encountered you in my 2018 and I look forward to your evolution in 2019!